Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunny Monday

This weekend has been absolutely beautiful! Gary has spent most of it outside, putting up the girls' swing set. What a job! He has lots of hours into it and we are all itchy with runny noses to prove it.

The picture above was taken a year ago, for Easter. I can't believe it's been a whole year. Easter is almost here again! 20 more days! Today Gary and I went shopping for the girls' Easter baskets. That is my favorite kind of shopping! We got $50 in Build A Bear gift cards, so they will each get a build a bear, once we make it to the mall, to add to their baskets. Also... two outfits each, a craft, lots of candy, a recorder, bubbles, and some other fun, little toys. Easter is fun because they aren't so overwhelmed, like with Santa. We need to plan to color eggs, and have an Easter egg hunt... Any friends up for this?

Another funny story: Hannah was sneaking jelly beans and running to her room to eat them. If you know her, you know that this is just not like her. Caroline, definitely, but not Hannah. She must really like jelly beans like her mama.

Also, while we were outside, Caroline had a bug fly into her mouth. She is appalled by bugs. This was a total disaster. She gagged and screamed until we got it out. Poor baby!

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