Saturday, April 9, 2011

Airplanes and Baby Stuff

Yesterday, my mom took me and the girls out to lunch. It was a surprise, so we didn't know where we were going. We ended up at the cutest, most unique restaurant: The Runway Cafe. The girls got to eat lunch and watch airplanes take off right out of the glass window. Super cute! You should think about trying it! We will definitely be going back.
Also, I am still working on the girls' bags for the hospital. My Thirty-One order is on the Fed-Ex (or UPS) truck right now on its way to my house! I ordered them each a few things from Toys R Us and couldn't resist this cute outfit for Noah. Precious.
Below is a picture of the baby brother dolls that I got the girls so that they can have their own babies to take care of while I take care of Noah.

Today is supposed to be gorgeous... until the rain comes. I guess we should get outside and enjoy it- although I wouldn't mind staying in to avoid the pollen!
Enjoy your weekend! :)

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