Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rainy Saturday

After weeks of beautiful, sometimes 80+ degree, weather I guess we should have seen this rainy weekend coming. April's showers are a little early.  All of this rain plus the clouds makes me want to cuddle up and take a nice long nap. Gary is working. The girls are having a birthday party in their room. I'm slightly bored.
In other news...
Mike is home! He got in yesterday afternoon. Hooray!
We have lots coming up in the next couple months... doctor appointments... just one (I think) more ultrasound in April to check Noah's growth... Birthdays (Mom's, Caroline's, Gary's), Easter, Baby Shower... I love keeping busy. I love having a plan. I love thinking ahead. I am not a fan of procrastinating; it drives me crazy- ask anyone that really knows me. My mom and I are complete opposites in that aspect.  
I feel like I have so much more to do to get ready for little man... We still need a bassinet, car seat/stroller, swing, clothes, diapers, and more... I'm excited because I plan on having Big Sister bags for the girls waiting at the hospital. I will fill them up with a few diapers, wipes, a baby of their own to take care of while I take care of Noah, nurse, etc., baby blanket, snacks, and stuff to keep them entertained. I want them to feel as much a part of all of this as possible. On a positive note though, we have already accomplished a lot- His room is done. His bed is here and set up. His changing table- ready. He is healthy. That's the main thing I'm going to focus on. When you have an easy pregnancy (or two), you take pregnancy for granted. Through the trials we have had in this pregnancy, we have learned what a true miracle and blessing a healthy pregnancy is and how faithful our God is. He has carried us through so much and instead of letting the trials break us down and leave us defeated, they built our faith. Continue to pray with us that the rest of our pregnancy is healthy. God has carried us through so much. Noah is a little miracle, our little miracle.
This year, Caroline's birthday party is going to be at our house, in May. Hopefully it will be beautiful out and the kids can enjoy the new swing set (that will hopefully be up by then). Hannah is excited that she is going to help me make Caroline's cupcake cake. It's adorable. A sweet shop theme. Perfect for Caroline and her little sweet tooth. 
I guess that I had better go help the girls clean up and prepare for nap time (hooray)! Enjoy the rest of your rainy Saturday.

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