Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Back!!

I thought a week of no posts was bad... I'm getting close to a month here... You guys probably aren't even reading anymore :) hehe
Anyways... I have an excuse, I promise. I am on bed rest. Full bed rest- yuck! I am allowed to get up to go to the bathroom and take a shower- who knew that showers and dr. appts could be anxiously awaited. Any excuse to get up and out of this house! :) I have been keeping busy watching movie... that I have already seen. If you know me, you know watching a movie more than once is not my style... The only movies I can watch over and over and the Twilight movies and White Oleander. I have also been reading lots. I found two new authors that I love! Emily Giffin and Kristin Hannah. Their books make me happy :) I have some other books- but I am having a harder time getting into them. Probably in the last two and a half weeks, I have read close to ten books.
I am on bed rest for... contractions. Stupid things won't leave me alone. I feel pretty good now. I will be 34 weeks on Sunday which is a big Baby-Milestone. We are getting there... getting closer to holding our little man. I know his first cry is going to be the best sound in the world. We took our pregnancies with the girls for granted. I know what a miracle each of my children are- especially after such a rough pregnancy!
Although things have been rough lately, our friends and family have made things much easier. Our parents are amazing and have helped us through some of the toughest months of our lives. Our family and friends have helped us with babysitting, dinners, cleaning, etc. What a blessing!!! We are so greatful for each of you. You could never know how much easier you have made these last few months!
Our little ladies are doing great. They are ready for mama to get off the couch, that's for sure. I'm ready to be able to play with them, do crafts, etc. again. I think this experience has made me realize really what is important. They are everything to me and I am anxious to start feeling like a mom again. Their bags are ready for the hospital- Each a bag with their name embroidered on it, baby boy doll, diapers, blankets, wipes, bottles, coloring set, big sister shirt and matching shorts, and a stamp set. I think they will enjoy it and hopefully the attention on them will dissolve any jealous feelings. They are going to be my two big helpers. :) Caroline turns 3 on Monday. My baby! Where does the time go!? We are going to keep it simple- presents and cake. In August, we will celebrate her birthday and Hannah's. :) Hannah is set on going to the beach for her birthday... so, hopefully we will make it down there one weekend this fall! She would be thrilled. I can't believe that she will be 5 and in January we will be registering her for kindergarten. It really breaks my heart! She is a little lady now! :)
My husband is the most amazing man in the world. He has taken over all of my mommy duties; cleaning, cooking, bathing girls, taking care of girls, bedtime, morning time, playing.... all of it... while still doing the things he is responsible for... work, lawn, etc. He is awesome. I am so thankful for him.
Keep praying for us... for Noah... for the girls... for all of the people that are helping us...
I might not update for a while... I can't sit at the computer and I only have access to a laptop for a day...

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